Oban Little Bay™ Single Malt

Highland malt whiskies are renowned for their elegance and subtle floral characteristics, and Oban has these qualities in abundance, located beneath the steep cliff that towers over the resort town of the same name. Oban Little Bay is created amidst a landscape of rugged, natural beauty, with a climate warmed by the Gulf Stream.

Known as the ‘gateway to the isles’, Oban is located close to the classic western island distilleries. That’s why some of the peatiness and hints of sea salt frequently found in these maritime whiskies are ever-present in Oban too, along with a gentle citrus lift. Thanks to the expertise of Malt Master Dr Matthew Crow in selecting and crafting batches of whiskies in small casks, Oban Little Bay offers a comforting warmth and rounded richness, plus a rich, coating mouth feel. It has a delicious, sweet chewiness of richly fruited malt loaf, occasional hints of orange zest and clove, some subtle dryness, some flavours of green apple and a slightly minty finish.

Founded in 1794, Oban is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, and is known for producing whiskies made from a long fermentation process, with small copper pot stills creating a liquor that is condensed in wooden worm tubs among the distillery rooftops, adding that distinctive hint of sea salt and capturing the essence of its surroundings.

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