Single Malts

Single malts are Scottish whiskies that showcase the style of the distilleries that craft them and the incredible range of flavour that water, malted barley and oak can produce. They are among the pinnacle of whisky making around the world.

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Fresh Lowlands Drinks and Cocktails

From the gently rolling, barley-growing countryside just south of Edinburgh comes the archetypal Lowland malt. Glenkinchie is one of the handful of distilleries still operating in the region known as the 'garden of Scotland'. The master distiller produces this oft-termed 'Edinburgh Malt' that captures the essence of the region, with flavours of freshly cut grass and floral notes, along with a gentle, malted creaminess. The lighter style of Glenkinchie makes it the perfect aperitif.

Fragrant Highlands Drinks and Cocktails

Highland malts are subtle, floral and elegant with a slight hint of peatiness, although the exact flavour profile varies according to what part of this largest of Scotch whisky regions the distillery is based. Oban, made on the western coastline, has distinct maritime notes that echo its western island neighbours. Dalwhinnie, produced high above sea level and surrounded by rolling moorland, shows hints of the stunning heather-covered wild landscape in each drop.

Fruity Speyside Drinks and Cocktails

Over half of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries are based in and around the River Spey in this compact region. All share the characteristic rich, fruity taste, but the individual expression varies. Malts here can taste of dried or freshly picked fruit, or have nutty or sweet spicy notes. It's down to the way the land lies, changing its aspect for distilleries such as Cardhu, Cragganmore and The Singleton of Dufftown, and, as it does so, enhancing the distillers' craft.

Smokey Islands Drinks and Cocktails

Malts distilled on the shores of the Inner Hebridean islands off Scotland's Atlantic coast tend to have distinct maritime, smoky notes. Windswept Islay has eight working distilleries, including Lagavulin, producing a fine example of the island's peaty style. Another, Caol Ila is rounder, but unmistakably made on this small island. Talisker, the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, around 100 miles to the north, has a spicier, peppery taste but an equally dramatic setting.