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Designed for the modern consumer, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is a supremely rich whisky inspired by the John Walker company tradition of celebratory whiskies for a select few. Treasured, like the metal platinum, all the whiskies in Johnnie Walker Platinum Label are preciously aged for a minimum of 18 years. Ageing gives the blend a soft, smooth taste, and an unrivalled blending precision creates a modern, stylish whisky.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is drawn from a limited number of casks of Single Malt and grain whiskies, carefully chosen and retained through their maturation because of their exceptional character. There's no need to dress up Johnnie Walker Platinum Label. It's always best enjoyed neat, with a confident nose that gives a bold first sip. Pour into a short glass, and take time to appreciate the full, subtle flavours. A contemporary blend, this reflects the style of Speyside, Scotland's most famous whisky making region, with strong, sweet and elegant flavours. Rich, dark and intense notes emerge in the glass, along with stewed fruit, malty cereal, smooth, creamy vanilla and fragrant almonds and tangerines. There's a waxy finish, along with a slight drying astringency and subtle smokiness.

Stay true to the legend and heritage of Johnnie Walker by experiencing Johnnie Walker Platinum Label in exclusive, stylish moments. This is a treasured whisky that's made to be savoured and enjoyed.

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