J&B Rare's long heritage can be traced back to an Italian wine merchant whose pursuit of an opera singer carved a path from Bologna to London. Though he never won her heart, Giacomo Justerini opened a shop in the English capital in 1749 that would eventually earn nine royal warrants. Alfred Brookes, a wealthy Londoner, took over the business in 1831, changed its name to Justerini & Brooks, and set about the task of blending whiskies to create a product with universal appeal. Taking the renowned malts of Speyside as the core and blending them with grain whiskies for other Scottish regions, J&B became one of the first London merchants to produce its own house whisky blend.

Today J&B Rare Scotch Whisky is the second biggest selling blended whisky in the world, made from 42 different whiskies which each have their own, individual character. Each goes toward making the J&B Rare blend.

Light in colour, soft and complex in flavour, J&B Rare Scotch Whisky is delicious neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer, particularly cola, ginger ale and lemon. Being a great, balanced blend, J&B Rare is ideal as a base for the Mojito, Whisky Sour and Manhattan and makes a fantastic twist on the classic Rob Roy in a ‘Smokey' version, along with Lagavulin, plus sweet vermouth, bitters and sugar syrup. A great whisky at a party with friends, J&B Rare is one to share with friends and family.

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