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Stunning looking edible gold leaf flakes are added to triple distilled and ten times charcoal filtered Smirnoff vodka, along with subtle, spicy cinnamon flavours, for a dramatic spirit serve. 

Smirnoff Gold is inspired by the opulence of the Russian tsars and their passion for gold. The bottle itself is etched with gold, and has a striking effect when you pour. To best appreciate the flavour of Smirnoff Gold serve it over ice and savour with friends. Or try a range of delicious new long drinks that you can mix with Smirnoff Gold. Create an Apple Bite Gold, with a base of Smirnoff Gold, plus apple juice and lemonade for a delicious, light, fruity serve. Even easier, you can top up Smirnoff Gold with Appletiser to create a Gold Fizz. Or mix Smirnoff Gold together with cranberry juice and ginger beer for a glitzy version of the Moscow Mule, the Golden Mule.

A bottle of Smirnoff Gold with a set of tumbler or shot glasses, placed carefully on a tray at a party or gathering will impress your guests and create an air of celebration, with the shiny, sparkling gold leaf adding drama to your event. Serve miniature ice cold shots in clear, crystal glasses for guests when they arrive, or pour Smirnoff Gold at your dinner party. Smirnoff was first produced in the 1860s in Moscow, and was the first vodka to be charcoal filtered. It is now the world's biggest selling vodka, with great smooth taste and pure, clean flavour that's enhanced in Smirnoff Gold.

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