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Created by one of the oldest distilling lineage in the world, Ketel One® Vodka is inspired by ten generations - over 300 years of Nolet family distilling experience and expertise passionately handed down from father to son.

Driven by a relentless pursuit and unwavering pride in craft, the family’s passion gave way to the creation of Ketel One, crafted from the marriage of old world copper pot stills and modern distilling techniques.

Founded in 1691, in Schiedam Holland by Joannes Nolet, the keys to the Nolet Distillery were eventually passed down through the generations to Carolus Nolet Snr (Carl Snr) in 1979, and this is where our story begins.

Shortly after taking over the business, Carl Snr discovered a book about the Nolet family history. The stories in this book, written by his grandfather, inspired Carl Snr to venture out to America in search of opportunities and the latest trends. What he found, was a country enthralled with cocktails.

It was on this trip, after experiencing martini-mania first hand, that Carl Snr decided to take on a new challenge. He believed, that by drawing on his families’ distilling methods he could create a vodka far from the raw, harsh vodkas of the time. Something that would transform cocktails, to make an altogether better drink.

Creating the best tasting vodka possible, became his singular mission.

Ultimately what Carl Snr created was an entirely new vodka, one which utilised revolutionary distilling techniques (modern column distillation harmoniously brought together with old world copper pot stills) to deliver a smoother, crisper and cleaner vodka than any before it. Today Ketel One is celebrated for its quality and the crafted excellence of the liquid.

This recognition did not arrive overnight, however, creating the spirit was just the first step on the journey. Armed with a bottle of Ketel One; Carl Snr set out yet again to America, this time, to convince bartenders of the properties of his product and conquer the cocktail capitals across the globe.

Starting his quest in San Francisco, he travelled from bar to bar, bartender to bartender, telling his story and putting his trust in the taste of his liquid. One by one, bartenders tasted, compared and agreed, and so Ketel One Vodka became the bartender’s choice, and is now available in the best bars around the world.

Today the family legacy continues with the 10th and 11th generation of Nolets working side by side. To this day a member of the family approves every batch, and Carl Snr’s two sons Bob and Carl Jnr continue his legacy delivering the taste test to bars all over the world to the harshest critics around - the bartenders.

Perfection is no easy feat, great endeavours take time, care and dedication and this passion still inspires the family’s vision today.

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