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Cîroc is an ultra-premium vodka that owes its smoothness and citrus zestiness to centuries of fine winemaking expertise.
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Cîroc Vodka is the product of meticulous craftsmanship, one of the world's only vodkas made entirely from grapes. It begins with harvesting Mauzac Blanc grapes from one of the oldest and highest vineyards of Gaillac in southern France, overlooked by the stony village walls of the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel. They are macerated and cold fermented for two weeks in a unique snap frost process that gives a fuller, fresher citrus taste and enhanced fruit notes. Until now, only top fine winemakers have used this process, and the result is distilled five times, the final distillation taking place in an Armagnac-style copper pot at a family owned distillery deep in the beautiful Cognac countryside in France for an amazingly smooth texture.

On the nose Cîroc Vodka yields a clean bouquet of cereal and a touch of vanilla warmth. On the palate there's sweetness and a deliciously fruity flavour. Enjoy Cîroc Vodka by drinking it chilled or on the rocks in a tumbler, or lengthened with a pour of lemonade to bring out its bright, crisp, lingering freshness. Adding champagne makes for an elegant aperitif, or Cîroc Vodka also makes the perfect dry Martini, and works particularly well in a Grape Soirée cocktail. This new classic drink mixes vodka with Sauvignon Blanc, vermouth and white grape juice for a fantastic, grape-inspired mix that's ideal for sophisticated occasions. In a category where being different is rare, Cîroc Vodka is something new.

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