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Enjoyed by celebrities at parties in Ibiza and around the world, and distilled from grapes grown in the south of France, Cîroc is an aromatic, super-premium vodka with a difference.
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Cîroc is the brainchild of Jean-Sebastian Robiquet, whose family winemaking roots stretch back into the 17th century. His family was responsible for the first family owned business in the Cognac trade. Jean-Sebastian earned his oenology degree in 1988 and a Masters degree in Law, Economics and Management of the Wine Industry in 1990. He has since been recognised by the Great Council of Bordeaux Wines as ‘Commandeur of Bordeaux' in recognition of his commitment to high quality products.

Bordeaux-born Robiquet has the spirit of Cîroc in his blood. He continually tests the product, working with a small team to enhance quality, and visiting local Cîroc vineyards to ensure that the grapes are in prime condition. For Robiquet, Cîroc is “the iconic celebration brand, made from grapes and with more to come”. A unique product, it combines the tradition of wine and culture with an innovative, ultra-modern spirit.

Cîroc has serious liquid credentials, a premium positioning that’s down to the careful crafting of its contents. It’s made for great moments, enjoyed by celebrities at parties and major events, and perfect for you and friends.

Light and aromatic, Cîroc vodka can be served ice cold in a chilled tumbler to enjoy its clean finish and subtly sweet aftertaste. Cîroc also works perfectly as the base for a martini, and pairs beautifully with cranberry juice and grapefruit in a Pink Breeze, or mixed with cranberry juice, orange juice and pineapple juice in a Frosted Rose.

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