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It’s a ripe, red, juicy fruit that’s consumed by the bowlful at Wimbledon and Henley, and enjoyed in back gardens, at country fêtes and from pick-your-own farms across the country. Nothing epitomises the British summertime more than the strawberry.

Now it takes its rightful place as the original drink of the summer season. Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint is the ultimate drink to share on warm summer evenings, those fleeting moments when you want to make the most of time with friends. Or conjure up a flavour of summer in the colder months.

Invented by James Pimm back in the 19th century, Pimm’s proved so popular among customers at his London oyster restaurants that they had to bottle it. The long-held recipe has stayed a secret, but it has become the quintessential summer drink, used as the base for the classic serve in a jug, along with lemonade and slices of fruit.

This has culminated in the latest drink, delicious new Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint that’s made for sharing at barbecues or parties. There’s no need to for lots of chopping with Pimm’s Strawberry and a Hint of Mint – the flavours of fruit and herb have been captured already. But you’re free to load up even more deliciousness if that takes your fancy!

Pour out Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint over ice with lemonade and a sprig of fresh mint and celebrate the best of summer.

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