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Pimm’s Cider Cup is made for enjoyment at your parties and barbecues, and it’s great for conjuring up those sunny times during the colder months too. With a 500ml-sized bottle that’s ideal for pouring, you can easily serve to your guests. It’s perfect for parties, picnics, or times when you’re relaxing at home. To put it another way, Pimm’s Cider Cup goes with good times and friends.

Ever since James Pimm created the first ‘Cup’ – by mixing gin with a secret blend of flavours and spices way back in the 19th century – Pimm’s has been about bringing a distinctive twist to fine ingredients. And now it’s time for cider to take its turn with the Pimm’s Cider Cup. You thought that Pimm’s couldn’t get any more English? Well Pimm’s Cider Cup gives you a true flavour of the apple harvest, fermented and chilled in time for summer.

Plus there’s added strawberry and cucumber to give the perfect Pimm’s finish. And best of all, there’s no extra chopping because the flavours are already mixed into your delicious Pimm’s. All you need is a bottle opener to start Pimm’s o’clock with a pop. Then just pour over ice straight from the bottle and enjoy.

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