Drinks and Cocktails Parrot Bay® Strawberry

Parrot Bay Spirit Drinks are perfect for when you have friends around. Try subtly sweet and juicy Strawberry flavour, zingy Passion Fruit or mouth-watering Coconut. You can keep it simple, Caribbean-style, by mixing with lemonade or cola. Serve over cubes of clinking ice in your tumbler, or mix in a long glass for a delicately sweet and fruity drink that brings a hint of colourful fun.
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How to Enjoy

Parrot Bay Spirit Drinks have been created with simplicity in mind – they’ve been matched with the mixers kept at home. Next time you have friends over serve up the luscious fruity drinks with a citrus garnish. Simply drop a handful of ice in a glass, pour in a measure of your favourite Parrot Bay Spirit Drink, top up with lemonade or cola, add fresh fruit and you have a great drink to share amongst friends. Serve Parrot Bay Strawberry Spirit Drink with lemonade, ice and a slice of fresh strawberry; mix Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Spirit Drink with lemonade, ice and a wedge of fresh lemon; and combine Parrot Bay Coconut Spirit Drink with cola, ice and a wedge of fresh lime. You can try different mixers and garnishes to find the one that suits you.



Parrot Bay Spirit Drinks offer mouth-watering fruit-flavoured spirits ready to mix with lemonade or cola – making them the perfect choice for your next gathering or party. With a range of three tempting flavours to choose from, you’re sure to find your favourite.

The Range

Enjoy great times with friends and Parrot Bay Spirit Drinks. Choose from three delicious fruit-filled flavours: Parrot Bay Strawberry Spirit Drink, Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Spirit Drink or Parrot Bay Coconut Spirit Drink. All three will bring a colourful taste of the Caribbean to your party.


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