Is it a beer? Is it a cider? You can describe Jeremiah Weed how you like, but we tend to call them a “Kentucky Style Cider Brew”. If you've never tried a Jeremiah Weed brew, you're missing a truly unique, ready-to-drink experience.

Kentucky is the land of bourbon and great spirit, and Jeremiah Weed combines the two in Jeremiah Weed brewed drinks. A new ‘Root Brew' is made with apple cider, lemon, herbs, spices and root ginger, to give a slightly spicy flavour with a clean aftertaste that you'll love. ‘Sour Mash Brew' combines apple cider, herbs, tea, oak wood and bourbon in one delicious mix. As the slogan goes, “If you can't explain it, best just enjoy it.” And the best way to really appreciate Jeremiah Weed, if you really want to get into the southern spirit, is served in a jam jar over ice.

Jeremiah Weed brews are ideal for when you're relaxing with a group of friends, or at a party or festival where you can share some jam jars around. Alternatively, pour Jeremiah Weed into tumblers. They go perfectly with fried chicken and corn bread and are delicious sipped with salted popcorn. So keep a few bottles in your fridge to bring out when friends pop round, and enjoy this great new drink together.

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