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It’s the iconic Irish stout, a beer that’s made from malted barley and hops – but also made of so much more. That delicious creamy head is the result of over 250 years of world-class brewing. So mix your Guinness with other drinks and take your time – because it’s worth waiting for.
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The boldest go where others fear to tread: across the world’s oceans to bring you the smoothest, creamiest stout. Exported to 150 countries worldwide, Guinness has come a long way from its origins in a small, ill-equipped Dublin brewery in 1759.
But what is Guinness made of? First off, barley grown in Irish fields is malted behind brewery gates, mixed with water from Poulaphouca Lake in County Wicklow. It’s then roasted to 232 degrees and hops are added.
But Guinness is also made of much more. Since 1759 there’s been the technology bringing you the creamy head in a can, as well as famous advertising such as ‘Guinness is Good For You’ – plus TV slots featuring galloping horses, surfers and swimming.
You might not be able to invite these characters round to your latest party. But you’ll certainly have a flavour of Guinness by serving up rich, creamy, smooth Guinness in a can.
So play it safe and serve Guinness Draught straight – or you could do what the authors of Guinness have always managed and be bold. Mix in with some delicious drinks and cocktails to see another side to the stout.
There’s the Black Velvet, a dark celebratory drink created for Prince Albert’s funeral in 1861. Powerful roasted flavours of Guinness underpin the prosecco or sparkling wine. You might like it in a Rum and Nutty Eggnog – the fabulous winter warmer. Or there’s our selection of Guinness Cocktails, with chocolate and coffee.
Create great cocktails with Guinness – because it’s made for mixing, as well as made of more.

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