Drinks and Cocktails Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum

Distilled from virgin sugar cane honey rather than the molasses often used in other rums, Ron Zacapa rum has a sweetness and purity unlike any other.
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Long ageing of Zacapa 23 rum takes place high up in the Guatemalan mountains, at 7,544 feet above sea level, in a place known as the “House above the Clouds”. This adds complexity and finesse to the rum. Each batch goes into barrels that have previously been used to house whisky, sherry and Pedro Ximenez sherry, giving unparalleled complexity of flavour.

The result of this long process of ageing is a range of aromatics: toasted butterscotch, vanilla, cacao and spiced oak. The influence of Pedro Ximenez barrels shows in notes of caramel, roasted Brazil nuts and hazelnuts, while casks previously used for American whisky add toffee, banana and dried pineapple tones. On the palate there are hints of dried fruit, apricot, ginger, nutmeg, delicate apricot preserve and delicious coffee notes. In appearance Zacapa 23 Rum has a slight mahogany tone from the long barrel ageing, which you can see in a tint around where the liquid meets the glass.

The final blend comes from a range of rums aged between six to 23 years old, in what is known as the 'solera' method, bringing together the depth of aged rums and the lively vivacity of younger rums. Zacapa 23 rum is delicious savoured neat or on the rocks, but it makes the ideal pairing with food. Serve with salted almonds, a dish of beef and chilli chocolate sauce or paired alongside a spiced custard tart to enhance your dining experience.

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