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Matured for 18 months in oak casks for an intense, mature taste, Pampero Especial has set the standard for Venezuelan rum by being the first to be labelled aged, or 'añejo'
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The finest Venezuelan sugar cane is used in Pampero Especial, having grown up to a height of 14 feet in the tropical conditions. Its extract is combined with natural Venezuelan water sourced in the Ocumare distillery in the heart of the country. Then intensive ageing takes place in barrel. The effects of the position of Venezuela on the equator with major differences between day and night time temperatures gives Pampero its unique taste, accentuating the flavour and mouthfeel. The rum is then aged in casks formerly used for storing bourbon and sherry up to five times, and blended using light, semi-heavy and heavy rums.

Characterised by a golden colour and rich taste, Pampero is the authentic Venezuelan rum, evoking the spirit of the region – the Caribbean coast, mountains, forests and deep valleys – and that of its founders, Luis Manuel Toro and Alejandro Hernandez. Its rich, wood-influenced taste, with a superior, mature flavour makes it ideal for sipping neat, over ice in a tumbler. Or mix with cola and add a lime wedge for a delicious long drink, a Pampero version of the Cuba Libre. It's delicious with ginger ale, which brings out the spicy notes in the rum, or top up with a splash of cola and add a couple of lime wedges for a great, easy serve, a drink to mix as a punch and serve at a party with friends.

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