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Single-handedly responsible for putting Venezuela on the map as a producer of high quality rum, Pampero is intense, sweet and spicy, with a delicious, long, lingering finish.
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Pampero was founded in 1938 by Luis Manuel Toro and Alejandro Hernandez. Hernandez was the son of a Venezuelan fisherman on the northern island of Margarita, and he had a vision for quality rum that would be known worldwide. Pampero became the first rum to be given the aged, 'añejo' designation by the Venezuelan government, thanks to the insistence of Hernandez on ageing in oak casks for new standards of quality and flavour. Hernandez took the name Pampero from the gauchos who rode the plains in South America, and the logo on the label shows a local cowboy sitting astride a rearing horse in the Venezuelan plains, emphasising its spirit of adventure.

Based in the western part of Venezuela amidst the high peaks, forests and deep valleys of the region, Pampero is an integral part of the Caribbean climate, with the wide fluctuations in day and night temperature forming the basis of the subtly sweet flavour in the sugar cane ingredient. The spring water from the Andean peaks adds its clean, pure taste. Pampero Especial is then aged for 18 months in white oak barrels previously used for storing bourbon intense woody and vanilla aromatics.

Pampero Especial can be sipped neat, or over ice to bring out the subtle butter and toffee notes. Drink with cola or ginger ale as a delicious long drink that matches the subtle sweet and spice notes of these mixers.

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