Our great Captain Morgan White Rum is made from a fine selection of Caribbean rums, resulting in a deliciously crisp, clean and refreshing taste.

It’s all about the blending with Captain Morgan – that’s why it tastes so good. After being distilled, a diverse range of amazing flavours is the result. Even rums of the same batch vary in style, though they’re all equally delicious. So Captain Morgan master blenders mix to flavour rather than recipe. They taste and re-taste until they get Captain Morgan White Rum exactly right.

Mastering the blend to create a legendary rum was essential. It’s what makes Captain Morgan White Rum the ideal base for an array of cocktails. And the proof is in the mixing… Captain Morgan White Rum is perfect for the popular mojito, mixed with delicious, slightly bruised mint and fresh soda for a refreshing tasting long drink. It’s fundamental to the classic, yet revolutionary, Cuba Libre. And this delicious rum is supreme as the base for the ultimate tropical party drink, the Piña Colada, shaken with pineapple and coconut.

Alternatively, keep it simple - Captain Morgan White Rum is also great in mixed drinks such as rum and cola, a rum and soda, or rum and ginger ale. There are many delicious combinations waiting to be tried, so mix up great drinks that taste even better with Captain Morgan White Rum.

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