Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is inspired by the Caribbean's beauty and abundant nature, with a delicious smooth-bodied and subtly spicy flavour.

Made from Caribbean sugar cane, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is blended with a complex array of spices according to an age-old recipe shared by a pair of Jamaican pharmacists, the Levy brothers. The exact recipe is a secret, but natural flavours are added to premium rums to make the perfect spirit drink. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is triple-distilled and then left to rest and mature in charred, oak bourbon barrels. It is these charred barrels that help shape the rum's character, introducing delicious caramel and vanilla flavours, as well as helping mellow the spirit, and allowing a rich amber colour and subtle fruitiness to develop.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is perfect in a tall glass with plenty of ice and cola – or diet cola – and a squeeze of fresh lime. This is a delicious party drink, a version of the Cuba Libre, the spiced rum giving it a subtle sweetness and balancing freshness. Try it with cranberry juice, mixed with orange juice, stirred with apple juice, or even with apple juice and a dash of elderflower cordial.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold also makes the perfect base for some of your favourite rum cocktails. Create a fresh and tasty Rum Collins with soda, lemon and sugar. Or try Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold in a Mai Tai with Curaçao and lime, the ideal choice for parties with friends where you want to serve them something special.

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