Drinks and Cocktails Gordon's® with a spot of Elderflower

Gordon’s with a spot of Elderflower is the very latest addition to the Gordon’s family – a fragrant gin that takes the delicate notes of elderflower and melds them with the clean, pure taste of Gordon's to bring you summer all year long.
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Way back in 1769, Alexander Gordon scoured the world for the finest ingredients to blend into his original London Dry gin. Gordon's with a spot of Elderflower extends his legacy by adding pure, all-natural elderflower blossoms that work perfectly with Gordon's citrus and juniper notes to create a supremely contemporary gin.

Gordon's with a spot of Elderflower makes great, easy long drinks. Pour over lots of fresh ice with apple juice for a delicious combination that gives off floral, fruity notes, or create a gin and tonic with all the scent and flavour of an English country garden – complete with strawberry garnish.

Gordon's with a spot of Elderflower is the perfect way to update the classic gin cocktails. Craft an Elderflower Martini, mixed with only a hint of vermouth, and garnish with a fresh-picked strawberry; shake up an Elderflower Collins or an Elderflower Fizz; or pair elderflower with blackberry in an Elderflower Bramble. For a great night in, take fresh lemon, champagne, a hint of sugar and a single rose petal to make a seductive version of the French 75.

Long considered sacred in many parts of Europe, the elder brings forth its white blossoms for only a few short weeks each summer. With Gordon's Elderflower you can capture that magical elderflower scent and sensual, light fruit flavour at any time of year.


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