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When the Gin Act of 1751 was passed, Alexander Gordon saw an opportunity to bring a quality product to a market. He established a distillery in Southwark in 1769 and set about securing the finest ingredients. The result was an unsweetened, gloriously flavoured gin, laying down the style that was to become known the world over as London dry gin. Gordon moved to Clerkenwell in 1786, then in 1925 the brand gained its first Royal Warrant, and today, with the exacting standards still maintained, Gordon has left us the legacy of the world’s best-selling London dry gin.

Gordon’s London Dry Gin is crafted from a secret recipe that incorporates handpicked juniper berries, carefully selected from the pick of each year’s crop. Coriander seeds, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel are also added, along with angelica to bind together the botanicals in the final flavour. Gordon’s London Dry Gin is then triple distilled for exceptional smoothness. Only 12 people know the Gordon's recipe, from over 3,000 botanicals nosed every year. And over 95% of juniper berries are rejected by Gordon's to ensure the best quality ingredients go into Gordon's London Dry Gin.

Seen as the ginniest of gins, Gordon’s has a nose of citrus, juniper and a hint of coriander with a touch of dryness. Coriander is vital for providing a citrus edge, rather than adding more orange and lemon peel – as in the case of other gins where these ingredients introduce much blunter citrus notes.

To savour the great taste of Gordon's, mix a gin and tonic and garnish with lime. This makes the classic mixed drink, ideal at any time but especially with friends.

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