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Gordon's was founded in London during the 1760s, in response to the Gin Act of 1751, which aimed to encourage the production of better quality gin products. Gordon's distinctive recipe set a new standard for London dry gin – Alexander Gordon crafted his signature gin by blending pure distilled grain spirit with a vibrant fusion of botanicals. First among them was juniper, the key ingredient in any good gin, but unlike many others, Gordon's juniper berries are picked by hand and stored for two years to mellow the flavour while intensifying the oils.

The quality and flavour of Gordon's London Dry Gin is such that it received its first royal warrant in 1925 and has since received a further three.

Distinctive yet versatile, Gordon's makes the ultimate G&T. It's the perfect choice of spirit for classic cocktails such as the martini cocktails, Singapore Sling, Gin Fizz or Gimlet. It's worth spending time making these for friends, or try Gordon's Crisp Cucumber, a blend of Original Gordon's London Dry Gin with natural cucumber flavouring, designed to be mixed with tonic water. And then there's Gordon's Sloe Gin, a delicious version of Gordon's with the addition of sloe berries, that you can use to accent the dark fruit flavours of the classic 1990s cocktail, the Bramble, or as a fine alternative to rum in the Slojito, mixed with brown sugar, basil leaves and soda water.

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