Ingredients for

  • 20ml.
    Ketel One® Vodka
  • 20ml.
    White Chocolate Liqueur
  • 17.5ml.
    White Créme De Cacao Liqueur
  • 1.9 units of alcohol per serve


How to make

  1. Fill a shaker with ice.

    Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

  2. Add Ketel One Vodka, white chocolate liqueur and white crème de cacao liqueur to the shaker.

    Using a jigger, measure 20ml Ketel One Vodka, 20ml white chocolate liqueur and 17.5ml white crème de cacao liqueur into the shaker.

  3. Shake until cold.

    Shake the mixture vigorously until the surface of the cocktail shaker feels chilled.

  4. Strain into a glass.

    Strain the mixture using a cocktail strainer, into a martini glass.

Be a good host

Everyone loves a bit of finger food and designated drivers will appreciate some fancy soft drinks.

Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One® Vodka

Sophisticated and crisp, Ketel One is a super-premium vodka that’s been made by ten generations of the Nolet family, at their distillery in Schiedam, Holland since 1691.