Founded in 1830, Talisker is currently the only working distillery on the windswept Isle of Skye. Destroyed by a fire in 1960, it was rebuilt with five exact replicas of the original stills in order to preserve the distinctive Talisker flavour. Taking malted barley from Muir of Ord and water from the springs of Cnoc nan Speireag, the Talisker distillery makes the most of its stunning location and heritage to create a range of unique and award-winning whiskies.


With rugged mountains, expanses of green land and surrounded by tranquil beaches, the Isle of Skye is as diverse as it is beautiful. And thanks to the American oak casks that accentuate the sweeter citrus notes while delivering the typically Talisker smoky and salty flavours, Talisker Skye captures the spirit of this contrasting landscape with its strong yet subtle taste.

How to Enjoy

Talisker Skye is initially soft and sweet on the palate but quickly builds to a subtle spiciness with a smoky finish that lingers beautifully. A touch of water or ice quietens the spice and smoke and accentuates its seawater saltiness. Perfectly matched with smoked salmon, the pairing brings out the smoky and briny flavours of both elements. The diverse flavours of this special malt also allow you to create wonderful cocktails, such as the Skye’s the Limit. Mix with Lillet Blanc to complement its maritime flavours and add a sage leaf or two to enhance its sweeter, more rounded notes.

Grab a bite

Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol absorption.

Talisker Skye