Ingredients for

  • 500ml.
    Pimm's® Cider Cup
  • 2.3 units units of alcohol per serve


How to make

  1. Add ice to a glass.

    Fill a pint glass with ice cubes.

  2. Pour in Pimm’s Cider Cup.

    Add 500ml Pimm’s Cider Cup into the glass, or enough to fill.

Water, Water

Don’t snub good old H20. Stay refreshed by drinking water between drinks.

Pimm's® Cider Cup

Pimm's® Cider Cup

Here comes the crisp, tangy taste of English cider combined with legendary Pimm’s. Delicious Pimm’s Cider Cup is a tantalising mix of Pimm’s and cider with delicious strawberry and cucumber flavours – because it wouldn’t be Pimm’s without the taste of summer!