Ingredients for

  • 50ml.
    Jeremiah Weed® Sour Mash
  • 1.9 units of alcohol per serve


How to make

  1. Pour clean, lightly apple-tasting Jeremiah Sour Mash over ice in a tall glass or tumbler, and enjoy with a side dish of cashew nuts, or other tasty, savoury snacks.

  2. Fill a tumbler with ice and pour over 50ml Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash.

Water, Water

Don’t snub good old H20. Stay refreshed by drinking water between drinks.

Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash

Jeremiah Weed® Sour Mash

Jeremiah Weed brings the taste of the American south to your table in a range of brews that combine the sweet and spicy notes of bourbon with the classic taste of ginger and subtle fruit.