Ingredients for

  • 30ml.
    Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold
  • 30ml.
  • 100ml.
    Sparkling Water
  • 15ml.
    Lemon Juice
  • 1tbsp
  • 1slice(s)
  • 5piece(s)
  • 2 units of alcohol per serve


How to make

  1. Add ice to a shaker.

    Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

  2. Pour in Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold.

    Add 30ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold to the shaker.

  3. Add honey, lemon juice and sherry.

    Add in 30ml sherry, 1 tbsp honey and 15ml lemon juice.

  4. Shake vigorously.

    Holding the shaker with one hand on each end, thrust forward and back quickly until the surface of the shaker feels chilled.

  5. Strain into a glass.

    Pour the liquid from the shaker through a cocktail strainer or sieve into a tumbler or rocks glass.

  6. Garnish with a clove-studded orange slice.

    Using a sharp knife and chopping board, cut a slice of orange and push 5 cloves into the slice. Place on top of the drink to garnish.

Be a good host

Everyone loves a bit of finger food and designated drivers will appreciate some fancy soft drinks.

Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Gold

Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Gold

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is inspired by the Caribbean's beauty and abundant nature, with a delicious smooth-bodied and subtly spicy flavour.