Known for its smooth, sweet-natured spirit, the story of Cardhu and its rise to fame is in large part the story of two determined women who were members of the founding family. Helen Cumming, who founded the distillery with her husband John, can fairly be called the first ‘woman of whisky' and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth was known as ‘The Queen of the Whisky Trade' after cleverly exploiting the growing popularity of Scotch whisky in the late 1880s. Elizabeth's achievements made Cardhu an irresistible acquisition for John Walker & Sons in 1893. On her death a year later Elizabeth was called “a true friend of all the poor”. She made interest-free loans without asking for security, so the young could emigrate without hardship. Helen thought of others too, using a flag to warn neighbour's when excise-men were staying. Both were kind spirits, giving by nature and thoughtful in deed.


Cardhu comes from one of the oldest Speyside distilleries, which has nestled in foothills near the River Spey for two hundred years. It is a richly flavoured and luxurious single malt whisky able to make any drinking occasion feel special. From high on the hills above the River Spey, water from Mannoch hill is blended with the local Lynne burn before being fermented and distilled to make an approachable, delicate malt – a perfect embodiment of the easy-going Speyside style.

How to Enjoy

Just as its founders showed a spirit of generosity toward their neighbour's and guests, Cardhu Single Malt will please you and those close to you. At its most special when poured from the distinctive Cardhu decanter into large balloon glasses, it's as though Cardhu wants to remind you that its own generous spirit mirrors that of the Cummings, Distillers of Distinction. Enjoy the smooth, mellow, fruity and honeyed flavours of the 12 Year Old neat or over ice. It pairs well with a plate of air-dried ham and figs, the 15 Year Old particularly has fruit cake, almonds and tropical fruit flavours that also make it a great neat serve. Cardhu 18 Year Old, meanwhile, contains an array of macerated fruit scents: pears, plums, cherries, gooseberries and wild rose flavours, which come alive when lengthened with water. Cardhu Special Cask Reserve is a limited edition from specially selected casks, with the same essential sweet-nature and generous, smooth refinement as the rest of the range. It is spicy and textured, with notes of mature fruits and then chocolate and caramel.
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Grab a bite

Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol absorption.

Cardhu 12 Year Old