The commitment to innovation and delicious flavours behind the first Baileys in 1974 has led to ever-changing special editions. First released in 2012, Baileys with a Hint of Orange Truffle Flavour was designed to be a limited edition offering for the festive season. But it proved so popular that it's become a permanent part of the family of Flavours.


Some things are meant to be together – like Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur and orange. Whether in the classic B52 cocktail or the enduring Baileys Orange Bliss, the rich flavour of Baileys melds decadently with orange, particularly in the perfect pairing with Grand Marnier liqueur. Add chocolate truffle notes for a match made in heaven: rich chocolate, creamy Baileys and tangy orange. How to Enjoy Serve Baileys with a Hint of Orange Truffle Flavour neat, over ice, to savour the delicious flavours. It's ideal for sharing an indulgent moment with friends – take time to enjoy the orange and chocolate combination that has proved so popular. Just as Baileys Original stars in cocktails from the B52 onwards, Baileys with a hint of Orange Truffle Flavour is the base for a range of great drinks. Try pairing it with warming hot chocolate, or mixing with chocolate and coffee liqueurs for classy cocktail serves: Baileys with a Hint of Orange Truffle is one of the most versatile of Baileys Flavours.

Water, Water

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Baileys Orange Truffle

Baileys® Orange Truffle

This great new flavour fuses Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur with zesty orange chocolate truffle for a recent addition to the Baileys range that's proving to be a popular, exciting drink.