Ingredients for

  • 25ml.
    Don Julio® Reposado Tequila
  • 25ml.
    Martini Rosso
  • 25ml.
    Sugar Syrup
  • 10ml.
    Lemon Juice
  • 15ml.
    Double Cream
  • 2piece(s)
    Star Anise
  • 0.25tsp
  • 1piece(s)
    Egg Yolk
  • 1.4 units of alcohol per serve
  • Anise Eggnog

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How to make

  1. Place Don Julio Reposado, Martini Rosso, egg yolk, sugar syrup, lemon juice, double cream and star anise in a shaker

  2. Shake to combine all the ingredients

  3. Add ice to shaker and shake again

  4. Strain into a glass

  5. Crush peppercorns and garnish

Be a good host

Everyone loves a bit of finger food and designated drivers will appreciate some fancy soft drinks.

Don Julio® Reposado Tequila

Don Julio® Reposado Tequila

A rich, smooth tequila with a golden amber colour and premium flavour, Don Julio Reposado is the most popular high-end tequila in Mexico. It’s delicious enjoyed neat, with a sparkling grapefruit soda in the Paloma or as the basis for that great party classic, the Margarita.