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Tahini-infused whisky

To make tahini-infused Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, infuse 250ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve with 1 dessertspoon tahini for two days, and then strain through a coffee filter in a glass or plastic bottle.


Spirit from the end of a distilling batch that is frequently high in acrid oils and is removed by the distiller, often for re-distillation.

Tall glass

Tall, thin, cylindrical glass tumbler that generally contains 300ml–410ml of liquid, typically used to serve mixed drinks. A tall glass is narrower than a Highball glass. When serving long drinks any tallish glass will suffice.


Produced in Mexico and distilled from the agave plant, which is a member of the lily family. The three types of tequila are determined by age. Silver tequila is bottled without ageing in wood after resting in stainless steel tanks for up to 60 days. Reposado is rested in wood for 60 days to a year; añejo is aged a minimum of one year in wood; and extra añejo is aged a minimum of three years in the barrel.

Tequila Sunrise

How to make a Tequila Sunrise

One of the showiest drinks in a glass – that’s the Tequila Sunrise, with great looks that are hard to beat. The heavier ingredients, such as grenadine or cranberry juice, settle beneath the orange to create gradations in colour that mimic the perfect sunrise. Originating at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in the 1930s, the recipe is a great way to showcase Don Julio Blanco Tequila and is best enjoyed with friends as a sundowner.

And watch our video here to see how to make the perfect Tequila Sunrise (ingredients and measures may vary)

The Golden Flip

The Golden Flip is a delicious blend of Greek flavours that melt together to produce a wonderfully sweet and creamy cocktail. Ingredients like wildflower honey and a tahini infused JOHNNIE WALKER Gold Label Reserve, combine with apricot brandy and orange zest for a thick and rich cocktail.


The act of pouring ingredients between two receptacles that replaces shaking and stirring for mixing ingredients. It can be done between two large glasses, or if using a Boston Shaker by pouring from one part to the other. Throwing is often used for a Bloody Mary to keep the texture of the tomato juice intact, and sometimes for the martini.

How to Throw
Throwing is used to mix and chill ingredients without excessive dilution by ice. It also allows for some aeration of the mixed drink. Pour the ingredients into one container and ice into another container, with a strainer, ideally a Hawthorne Strainer held over the top to prevent the ice escaping. Allow the ice to cool the container, and then pour the ingredients through the strainer into the ice. Then pour back through the strainer, holding it in place, and raising the height of the pour from your waist to above your head – if you can do this without spillage! Pour back and repeat three times. Then you are free to strain the drink into a glass.

Watch some fine throwing in action here


A hot beverage made of spirits, sugar and water.

Tonic water

A carbonated water that contains quinine and sugar.


An ingredient, generally a mixer, is used to level up the drink to the top of the glass, or near the top of the glass.

Triple Sec

An orange flavoured liqueur used mostly as a mixer. Famous cocktail applications are the Cosmopolitan and Long Island Ice Tea.


A short, stout-shaped glass, also known as a ‘rocks’ glass. A variety of sizes are produced, most of them fine for serving neat serves or mixed drinks.


A garnish prepared from the peel of a lemon, lime or orange.

How to create a twist
Peel a piece of skin off lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit while trying not to include too much of the pith, and pointing the lemon towards the glass as you do so to ensure that any oils in the peel are expressed into the drink. You’re aiming for a thin, long piece of peel, ideally from one turn and a half of a lemon or lime, or a full width of an orange or grapefruit. The twist is best extracted with a channel knife, if you can get hold of one, but a peeler or small, sharp kitchen knife will do. If you have a stir rod, then twist the whole peel around for a spiral effect, or leave the peel looser and place with one part hanging over the rim of the glass.

Check out how to cut a simple, large twist of peel with our video here