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Latte glass

A mug-shaped tumbler with handle used for serving latte coffees, also perfect for cocktails or mixed drinks with coffee liqueur, and hot toddies. Any china mug can be used in place of the Latte glass.


Maintaining separate visible layers in a drink by slowly pouring over the back of a spoon held inside the glass. The B52 and the Mudslide are examples of layered drinks.

How to layer
Layering isn’t as hard as it looks. Add the highest density liquids first, such as coffee liqueur, in a B52. Pour the first liquid into a shot glass. Then taking a long-handled spoon, or bar spoon, turn it upside down so that the back of the spoon is facing upwards inside the glass, just above the first layer. Then pour in the second liquid, for example Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, over the back of the spoon. Repeat this process with the third layer – Grand Marnier or orange liqueur for the B52 – and allow time for the layers to level in the glass before serving.


A French wine-based aperitif produced in two styles: Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge. It has a sweet, fruity taste, and is used in the Vesper cocktail, made popular in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale novel, and more recently in the film version with Daniel Craig. Some older cocktail recipe books refer to it as ‘Kina Lillet’.


Sweet liqueurs flavoured with fruits, herbs, botanicals and spices.

Long drink

A mixed drink generally served in a tall glass or highball glass.