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Jan Collins

A fresh tasting twist on the classic Tom Collins, Jan Collins (pronounced Yan) uses KETEL ONE vodka in place of gin to give it crisp citrus and honey notes. It was created especially for WORLD CLASS by USA’s Bartender of the Year Jeff Bell, and is a deliciously zesty cocktail.

Watch how to make Jan Collins.


A small, double-ended measuring cup often made of stainless steel that looks somewhat similar to an egg timer. Most jiggers have a 25ml measure at one end and a 50ml measure at the other. Any glass or jug with measurements can also be used.


Fruit juice is used to enhance the flavour and texture in mixed drinks. Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon and grapefruit play an integral part in balancing out the sweet flavours of a mixed drink or cocktail.


A julep is a popular American drink that originated in the late 18th century and is still popular today. It was originally made with cognac and peach brandies, but evolved into a bourbon drink mixed with fresh mint and sugar, served in a frosted silver cup over shaved ice.

Julep Strainer

A smaller strainer that's handy if you're straining into narrower glasses, and that normally fits snugly onto the glass part of the Boston Shaker. If you don’t have a Julep Strainer, then a small tea strainer or kitchen sieve can substitute, although you’ll need to watch carefully for spillages.