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Harvey Wallbanger

A mixed drink of vodka, Galliano and orange juice, reputedly created by bartender Donate Antone at Duke’s Bar on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood in 1952.

Hawthorne Strainer

Typically used with a Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer keeps ice and fruit pulp in the shaker while allowing liquid to pass through. Those with four tabs are regarded as superior, because two-tab strainers can fall into the shaker. You can use a kitchen sieve as a substitute – but watch that the liquid doesn’t fall outside the glass.


The volatile spirit from the start of a run of distillation. This is removed or sometimes redistilled.


The central portion of distillation, which has less of the bitterness of the tails – the end of the process –and the volatile compounds and alcohol of the heads – at the start of the operation. The distiller decides where to make the ‘cut’ for the hearts portion.


A mixed drink on the rocks, with a substantial amount of mixer.

Highball glass

A tall glass (similar to a rocks glass) used for serving cocktails. Any tall glass can be used in place of the Highball.

Homemade honey syrup

To make homemade honey syrup: Combine 600ml honey, 400ml warm water, 1 vanilla pod and 3 thin orange peels and cool.

Hot drinks

A cocktail served warm. Hot drinks are typically sweeter-tasting than chilled cocktails.


How to Hull
Take a small knife and, with the point at the edge of the stalk or stem, pointed towards the middle of the fruit, draw a circle, taking the knife around the top of the fruit. Remove the stalk and small end of a piece of fruit.