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It’s time to get excited about the latest cocktails in our What’s New section. These are the drinks being mixed by the most creative bartenders and cocktail lovers using popular flavours to delight and surprise – you’re bound to impress your guests when you mix them. Not only that, we also list some classic drinks from the past that we’ve unearthed. And yes, they’re as good as new!

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Keep up with the latest in great cocktails right there with our What’s New section. There’s a continually updated list of new drinks that tick the box for great flavour and ease of mixing. When a cocktail hits this sweet spot of usability and deliciousness, we know we’re onto a good thing – and a What’s New entry. However, cocktails served in cutting-edge bars are only half the story. Many classic cocktails from the past have something new to offer. With a few ingredients they’re often just easy to mix – and taste fabulous. After all, that’s why they became classics in the first place! So when we see a historical drink that’s likely to work, it’s up on the site alongside all the new drinks – and you can see what the fuss is all about. We’re continually searching and testing to find the right drinks for you to mix, so check out our What’s New section for the latest in great cocktails.

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