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Punch Cocktails

Cocktails and mixed Punch drinks

Are you ready to be dazzled by a great Punch recipe? A party-sized bowl filled with delicious spirit, fabulously fresh fruit and delicate spice, makes for a winning combination. With the right mix, you and your guests will be as pleased as punch.

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About this recipe

Ready for ladling into glasses from a large bowl, punch is the ultimate sharing cocktail – made by mixing spirits, fruit juice, fresh fruit, ice and perhaps a little spice.

The original word ‘Pañc’ actually comes from Hindi and means ‘five’ ingredients – so don’t forget to pile the bowl high with everything from aromatic strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, to lemon, lime and pineapple. It will sure pack a fruit punch.

House party with your mates in the offing? Punch will be your best friend on the night. Instead of playing Tom Cruise in Cocktail in the kitchen, you can mix with guests rather than mixing cocktails. Simply combine spirit and sugar the night before, then add the fruit and juices when people arrive to keep the zinging freshness. Look, no hands!

A garden party calls for a cool Smirnoff Summer Punch. Fill a bowl with ginger beer, lemon juice, apple juice and garnish with sprigs of zinging mint. You might even discover some growing nearby!

Or the Orchard Mist is a delicious non-alcoholic alternative. Classic English flavours of elderflower and pear are given a citrus twist with Schweppes and lemon juice. Bring the sun out whatever the weather.

When you’re faced with the heat of the grill, and the pressure of cooking the sausages just right, why not pre-mix a Rum Punch? This Caribbean recipe is a blend of rum, apple juice, lemon juice and ginger beer that’s ideal for when things heat up.

It’s safe to say that punch is the perfect pick when hosting family and friends. So much so, that one was even created for the signing of the Declaration of Independence by America’s founding fathers in 1776. If it’s good enough for them…

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