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Lower Calorie Cocktails

Lower calorie drinks and cocktail recipes

Now you can stop counting and start enjoying your favourite cocktails – because when it comes to letting your hair down, that’s the way it should be. It’s why we’ve got a fabulously delicious selection of recipes that have fewer calories, but which go large on flavour.

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About this recipe

The Gordon’s and Diet Tonic is a tasty variation on one of greatest mixed drinks. By swapping your regular tonic with the equally fizzing and citrusy diet alternative, and mixing it with the classic base of Gordon’s gin, you’ll still get to enjoy the flavour you know and love.

While a little tweaking is all some cocktails need, the Martini and Gimlet are among the most famous of the classics that are naturally low in calories. Easy to make, with just a few ingredients, there’s a reason they’ve both stood the test of time. You just need delicious spirit with mixer and garnish – then serve.

We mustn’t forget the Bloody Mary either, where the condiments are king. Salt, pepper and Worcestershire Sauce all spice up the tomato juice, and combine perfectly with a clean, fresh vodka base. There’s a low calorie count, plus it’s numero uno for enjoyment.

A variation on the Bloody Mary is the exciting Gazpatalisk. Carefully created for us by one of the very best Spanish bartenders, it’s a delightful, sun-kissed mix of ripe tomatoes, red peppers and Talisker 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky.

Whether for office parties, family gatherings or dinner with friends, these fabulous lower calorie cocktails will surprise and de-light your guests.

Drinks and Cocktail Recipes For Lower Calorie Cocktails (18)

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