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Fruity Cocktails

Cocktails and mixed drinks with Fruit

You can vitamin C clearly now the rain has gone, so what better time to check out our scrumptious range of fruity cocktails.

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About this recipe

From the orange groves of Florida and the lime plantations of South America comes an array of delicious cocktails, overflowing with delicious fruit and zest for life. First off there’s this ode to the orange: the Tequila Sunrise. Tequila and orange juice is a match made in fruity heaven, but first mixed in West Coast beach bars. It’s the essence of sunshine in a glass, one of the great summer cocktails. The Strawberry Daiquiri brings together the crowd favourite at Wimbledon (strawberries, not Murray) and the original Daiquiri of rum, lime and sugar – a classic drink so beloved of writer Ernest Hemingway. If you’re looking to give your party a more urban vibe, opt for the Cosmopolitan. It’s a subtle approach to fresh produce, combining vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry and a squeeze of lime. Yes it was invented in New York, but never mind the Big Apple – cranberry and lime come to the fore here. Even better for parties is the Rum Punch, a veritable fiesta of fruit in a glass. As if ginger, lemon, apple, orange weren’t enough; there are also two types of rum in this cocktail – original and original spiced gold. You’ll have a drinkable fruit salad, not a rum deal. So with the summer set to be fruitier than ever, let’s hope the rain doesn’t dilute the fun!

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