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Elderflower Cocktails

Elderflower cocktails and mixed drinks

Are you ready to add some flower power to your drinks? It’s time to capture the delicious, floral scents and the taste of the great outdoors in your glass. The latest elderflower cocktails are blooming all over the place.

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About this recipe

Walking through the woodland, you might catch a waft of floral scent assailing your nostrils¬ – the bunches or ‘sprays’ of white flowers hanging from elder trees. Well now it’s time to bring that aroma home in the form of fantastic elderflower cocktails.

The next time you have friends around, spray on some flavour with the Elderflower G&T. You thought it wasn’t possible to make the G&T any more English? Well this blend of Gordon's London Dry Gin, elderflower cordial, tonic water, and lime is cocktail royalty.

You can channel your patriotism with the Ainsbury Martini, shaking cucumber, elderflower, apple juice into Tanqueray London Dry Gin and adding mint. With its gentle colour but deep flavour the Ainsbury is a kind of delicious, subtle Pimm's. Every cocktail party calls for a Martini, but every summer get-together should have this Martini twist.

Then if you’re feeling cordial, serve up the Non Alcoholic Mojito – mint, apple juice, lime juice, lime, Schweppes soda water and elderflower cordial for an alcohol-free party alternative. Think of it as Cuba served in an English garden.

Do we have a deal? For your wedding decorate the reception with bright, light elderflowers and delicious elderflower cocktails. The challenging Dill or no Dill cocktail is ideal because it shows the lengths you’re prepared to go for your loved one. Yes that’s smoked salt in the recipe and no, don’t worry, the ceremony is not about to turn into a Deal or no Deal game show with Noel Edmunds.

Elderflower cocktails bring a touch of nature to your glass. A traditional ingredient that’s become the essence of the modern cocktail, elderflower is the lift your drinks require. Go on, respect your elders!

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