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Eggnog Recipes

Whip up the best Eggnogs with some of your favourite spirits. There’s a whole array of flavours and fun to be had with these easy-to-make eggnog cocktails. It’s so simple: just lay out milk, egg, cream plus spirit and let the mixing begin. You won’t have to shell out on endless ingredients – merely crack open your shaker and commence.

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About this recipe

Egg on your guests to try something a little unusual this Christmas: Guinness, Gin, Tequila or Bourbon as well as chocolate, vanilla or even pink peppercorns can go with an Eggnog. Although traditionally called an egg or milk punch and based on rum or brandy, it takes any extra flavours well.
Born in Britain as an egg flip heated with a red-hot poker, the Eggnog drink took off – and was chilled down – in the US, its name coming from wooden mugs known as ‘noggins’. It’s since become a festive favourite, shared with friends and family over the Thanksgiving and holiday period.
So if you’re incubating ideas for your Christmas party, or planning a house party with a difference, make sure the Eggnog plays a part. Hatch your cocktail plan, and make it happen. An Eggnog cocktail is the froth on your party, a winter warmer with the feeling of abundance that’s so right for this time of year.
Yule find half a dozen of the best Eggnog recipes here – or poach some great ideas for your own version. Mix up a great Eggnog for a taste of the season – it’s the ultimate festive feast.

Drinks and Cocktail Recipes For Eggnog (8)

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