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Baileys and Coffee Cocktails

Baileys and coffee cocktails and drink recipes

Fancy a coffee? Or how about a Baileys? Why choose when you could mix them together for a Baileys Coffee cocktail? The rise of the coffee cocktail has bean much welcomed, and it’s no surprise when you taste the sumptuously rich, creamy delights of Baileys mixed with a fabulous espresso. Forget the daily grind and enjoy a Baileys cocktail with coffee: it’s the roast with the most.

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Invented by bartender Dick Bradsell in the 1990s when a model walked into his London bar and wanted something different, the Espresso Martini is an absolute classic. This coffee-vodka mix with rich, dark-coloured espresso and creamy head looks great in a wide-rimmed, long-stemmed Martini glass. Add a few coffee beans on top and it’s one of the best-looking drinks around. Jeff Bridges’ love for a White Russian in Cohen brothers’ film The Big Lebowski brought the White Russian back into favour – and rightly so. This mix of Smirnoff Espresso, cream or milk, Baileys Irish Coffee Liqueur and chocolate shavings is simply delicious served in a tumbler for you and friends to share – the perfect drink for a more relaxed party. For those casual get-togethers, the Irish Coffee has plenty going for it. Supposedly devised back in the 1940s by a chef at Shannon airport when a flight was cancelled, it was lift-off for the coffee cocktail. Use Baileys instead of cream, mix with coffee and add chocolate shavings to top. Your guests won’t want to depart. But don’t just live a little, live a Latte. For a twist on this modern favourite of many a high street coffee outlet, lengthen espresso with milk as usual and add in Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, plus grated cocoa flecks for the Baileys Latte… …It’s a Latte fun!

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