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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Cocktails Recipes

Romance is in the air – and so is the making of great cocktails. Shake up your world with a fabulous Valentine’s Day drink that has the look of love. On the ultimate date night, a delicious romantic cocktail sends the perfect message.

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Forget about red, red wine. A mixed drink with a romantic rosy hue is far more special on Valentine’s Day – because you’ve made the effort. Stirred or shaken together, the right romantic cocktail recipe is the ultimate gift. If you’re serving up a meal for two mix together a French 75 in a couple of flutes before you sit down – but with rosé champagne or sparkling wine for the colour of romance. If music is the food of love, play on… Named after a World War I gun, the French 75 fires off delicious flavours of zesty lemon, subtle botanicals from the gin and great, mouth-popping fizz. It’s just like shooting Cupid’s arrow. Next create the cosmopolitan – if you like red cocktails with vodka, it’s the perfect option. This 1990s classic isn’t just for singletons in Sex and the City with big hair. Based on orange liqueur shaken together with cranberry juice and vodka, it’s a larger-than-life drink that you can both enjoy. Roses, tick, chocolate...oh damn. But don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten that box, all is not lost. Add some choccy syrup or small pieces that you’ve melted to vodka, raspberries and coffee. Shake as you would a martini if you were mixing for James Bond, then pour into a v-shaped glass with some cocoa powder sprinkled on top. Raspberry and Chocolate Espresso Martini is the ultimate elegant drink – and a great finish to the evening. But don’t forget to cater exactly for what your partner wants. The Southern Passion is the ultimate Valentine’s Day non-alcoholic drink. Bring the emotions of hotter climes into your glass with fresh pineapple, passion fruit juice, vanilla, ginger ale, maple syrup and spices. Whatever you’re mixing, a delicious Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe shows that actions speak louder than words.

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