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Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails

When it comes to creating the perfect Halloween cocktail, there's no great trick – so treat your mates! All it takes is a theme – from Fear the Walking Dead to 1980s horror classics – a few great Halloween cocktails and the partying spirit.

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If you love a good zombie apocalypse, you're not alone. It’s time to slap on the gory makeup in the style of Dawn of the Dead, shred up an outfit you'd rather have had buried, and shake up a great Tiki classic.
The Zombie was created by a man called Don the Beachcomber who moved to Hawaii, opened bars and dressed in loud shirts. You can bring his love of a good party to yours – while maybe leaving out the tropical theme! Mix together Captain Morgan Original Spiced, fresh pineapple, lime and orange juice plus Grand Marnier and some apricot brandy for a whole load of flavours your guests will love.
Of course you’ll need some blood for Halloween too – not real blood, but a Bloody Mary. This famous mix of vodka with tomato juice and spice is perfect for the occasion. Serve in a bowl with celery and a hint of spice, or take it one step further with The Red Widow, adding garlic, soy and wasabi. You might scare a few people but isn’t that the idea? Once they’ve had a sip they might even be converted. For those of you with time on your hands – and time is eternal for most ghosts – then a hollowed-out pumpkin makes a stunning serving bowl.
You can even steal a cocktail from the summer. Sangrias are usually all about warm evenings with the waves lapping on a Spanish shoreline. But pour in some full-bodied red wine plus delicious autumnal fruit to enjoy an ideal cocktail for Halloween. It’s a punch, it’s delicious and it takes just seconds to mix up a jug of this blood-red classic – what could be better? Put some spark into your Sangria with a seasonal garnish too: a whole orange, with the peel carved like a jack-o’-lantern.

It’s really easy to make Halloween cocktails that taste great and look the part. Serve up punches that please your party full of ghosts, vampires and Frankenstein’s monsters.

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