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Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and if you want to knock the Christmas stockings off your guests, then we’ve got a selection box filled with cracking Christmas cocktails that you can throw together in No-el time.

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Hit the frosty winter ground running with our delicious Rum Punch full of fruit and spice. It couldn’t be more simple – or delicious. All you need is a ladle, bowl, and ingredients. Ahead of time you can mix your vodka, rum or gin with bitters, spice and fruit – giving those delicious flavours time to get into the spirit. If you have any fresh juice to go in, add it just before the party kicks off so it doesn’t spoil. Then leave the floor to your guests! Christmas parties needn’t be a chore.
Then there’s mulled wine, something that you won’t have to mull over too long – it’s as simple as mixing brandy and a bottle of big, tannic red. Our Spiced Cider is a great version, with rum, apple juice, bitters, star anise and clove – plus a little sugar – for a different kind of Apple Christmas present.
As the cold winds blow and the snow and sleet fall, snuggle up with a warming Hot Toddy. A favourite of Victorian Britain, it’s back in fashion in our techie times. Measure out some fine Scotch whisky, honey and cloves, and boil a kettle of hot water to blend it all together. Then sip from a tumbler as the tablet warms your lap.
Or whisky can be served simple. Master distillers from the storm-lashed west coast of Scotland to the more sedate, rolling green hills of Speyside have spent years perfecting their craft. So pick your favourite, pour into a tumbler, and jingle that Bell’s or Talisker Storm or The Singleton of Dufftown. Who needs a party to partake in great Xmas cocktails?
Talking of which, if Christmas came in a glass, it would be called Eggnog. The aromatic nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla flavours mixed with rich Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, milk and egg, creates an Xmas cocktail that’s as festive as getting a pair of socks (but much tastier!). If you’re feeling adventurous, try Baileys Chocolat Luxe with orange liqueur and cinnamon for the Baileys Chocolate Orange – it will bring back memories of Christmas confectionary past.
We can all dream of a white Christmas – with a Flat White Martini. Yes, it’s delicious Baileys again, plus vodka, espresso or black coffee, and one single bean to garnish. Or there’s more from the Martini family with the White Chocolate Martini. A mix of vodka, white chocolate liqueur and white crème de cacao, it’s the ideal present for chocolate lovers.
Once the last of the turkey has been eaten, and all those new socks have been piled high, there are still plenty of cocktails to concoct. This Christmas, give the gift of great mixing.

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