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BBQ Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes for BBQ Party

Are you licensed to grill? Are you ready to create the best BBQ cocktails with delicious spirits and fizzy mixers? Overflowing with bunches of aromatic herbs, they’ll go perfectly with those juicy steaks and charred veg. And now we’re going to show you how to add the all-important sizzle to your summer barbecue parties.

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Nothing quite says summer like getting your friends and family around and firing up the BBQ – so as things heat up on and off the grill, we’ve picked some cocktail recipes that are perfect for adding that extra edge. While you probably have all you need to cook up a storm, investing in a Boston shaker, jigger and swizzle stick will not just help you make delicious summer cocktails, but will truly impress your guests. A great place to start is with the much-loved Mojito. Made with white rum, soda water, sugar, lime juice and fresh mint, it’s packed full of flavour to complement the chargrilled fare. A Tequila Sunrise – with that classic combo of vodka and orange – brings the West Coast surf party vibe of the 1960s to your gathering. Or if you’re more Club Tropicana than the Beach Boys, why not mix up a Piña Colada? Your guests will love sipping white rum and coconut through chunks of pineapple away from the smoke and the heat. For those with a more refined palate, you can bring out the Negronis. Simply stir together gin, red vermouth, Campari, and then add a twist of orange to complete this classy cocktail. Otherwise, a pitcher of Pimm’s and Lemonade with fresh strawberries, cucumber and mint mixed in will elevate your barbecue to the hottest garden party around – whatever the weather.

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