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Pre-Dinner & Aperitif Drinks

We all know that first impressions count. And although a sumptuous starter might get the taste buds going at the outset of a dinner party, there’s nothing quite like an appetising aperitif cocktail recipes before your meal to get the conversation flowing.

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Every great dinner party should get tongues wagging, so what better way to inspire flowing conversation than with the shaking or stirring of a classic British gin and tonic? Today, our deliciously simple recipe – that mixes the light, vibrant flavour of Gordon’s gin with a hint of aromatic juniper – will definitely have them shouting OMG I want a G&T! But for those who think that G can only pair with T, you should serve them up a Negroni. Concocted by Italian Count Negroni in a Caffè in Florence (yep, it’s so good he named it after himself), it quickly became the talk of the town. That’s because they were the first to realise how delicious adding gin, red vermouth and Campari to their Americano was – and how good an aperitif cocktail it made. With our simple aperitif recipes, we don’t think they’ll be the last either… …Ding, dong! That’s the sound of your guests ringing the doorbell. They’ve arrived early, and the fancy aperitif you were going to make isn’t ready. Well, have no fear – quickly mix gin, lemon juice and sugar together to make a deliciously simple French 75 – it will impress them more than a beer! In the sun-soaked climates of southern Europe, guests are traditionally treated to aniseed-flavoured drinks. In France, Pernod or Ricard is their tipple of choice; in Greece it’s Ouzo, and Italians simply amore Romana Sambuca. But wherever you are in the world, whoever you have round, whatever you’re cooking, pair your evening up with the perfect aperitif for a conversation starter in itself.

Drinks and Cocktail Recipes For Aperitif (17)

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