You don’t need to be related to Tom Cruise or have a chemistry degree to make mouthwatering cocktails at home. With just a few super-simple steps it's so easy to put a fresh twist on a classic and create something filled to the brim with flair. All you need is a little slice of imagination with a too-right-i-can attitude and suddenly the world is your cocktail cabinet.


Welcome to the bar

Imagine a chilled pour of Smirnoff No.21 vodka in a cool long glass, with a few clinking chunks of ice, fizzing lemonade and a fresh-cut wedge of lime that gives off a zinging citrus scent. Or a serving of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold with sweet and tart cloudy apple juice, and spicy muddled ginger in a tumbler. These are what good times are made of, and is about the best experiences with the best spirits.

Raise the bar with our delicious summer cocktail recipes. You might have friends round of an evening to watch some knife-edge tournament football that requires the bar spoon to quickly stir the drinks. Or you could be in need of something for your shaker when shaking down some party moves. Perhaps you’re drowning in to-do lists for a big wedding or graduation ceremony. Whether your glass is half-full or half-empty, we have summer cocktails covered – so lay out the tumblers and highballs!

Classic cocktail recipes like the Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri are made for summer with their cool ice, sharp citrus and clean, clear spirits. And don’t forget lower calorie cocktails when you’re partying – less can be more.

You don’t have to be at Wimbledon or Henley to enjoy a Pimm’s and Lemonade – a picnic or garden party is perfect for this tall serve, topped with aromatic strawberry, cucumber and mint. It’s a classic that garnishes many a wedding or birthday. Serve with the hidden gem that is the French 75 for extra sparkle.

Then there’s the fiesta of fruit known as the Rum Punch, served with bowl and ladle so people can help themselves – that’s the kind of party we like! Or for a relaxed drink with a colonial feel on the verandha, a Gin and Tonic is just the tonic, with ice and lemon. So many occasions to serve your very own cocktails, so little time – so shake it up!

You'll find what you're looking for - and more. Search out cocktail recipes by the occasion or event. Or if you want a seasonal flavour to your drink you'll be able to locate that too. Maybe you feel like something fruity, or with cola or 'a Johnnie Walker cocktail' - keep looking. You'll also discover a world of great spirits: the history, the flavours and the craftsmanship in every bottle. But above all, you'll be serving up great times with the best mixed drinks and cocktails.

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